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Spinal Decompression Therapy

Find out if this is the right therapy for you.

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Decompression Therapy

A treatment approach for certain Pain and / or Dysfunction Sufferers.




Decompression is a non-surgical, non-invasive, type of traction therapy that works to stretch the spine over varying time(s) with varying forces. It is commonly used for the neck, back, arm, and leg pain sufferer with disc problems and multiple other spinal problems.

Bottom Line: We are attempting to decompress (“unjam”) compressed joints and remodel (“help heal”) soft tissue [disc(s), etc.].


We offer package(s) of treatments which includes: 

  1. Exam(s) [as needed].

  2. Decompression therapy every visit.

  3. Rehab therapy (mini - treatment) every visit.

  4. Cold therapy (5-10 minutes normally) every visit.

  5. One of four additional therapies: Moist heat therapy, or Laser (mini - treatment), or Massage Chair treatment, or other specific therapy every visit - (which therapy depends on the condition and will often vary with stages of care / improvement).

  6. Very specific whole food and/or herbal supplements concentrated to clinic potency for home care.

  7. Cold pack(s) for home care.

  8. Information on how to get more out of your treatments.


Common Questions and Answers:

  1.      How do I know if this is right for me?   A.) This is not for everyone, but we offer a free consultation to review your MRI (or discuss you getting one) or other imaging. We also have you fill out a small questionnaire to see if you are a good candidate for this therapy.

  2.     How many treatments are needed?  A.) This not a “quick fix”.  It usually takes 30 – 40 treatments over 2 – 3 months.  This helps to reach the full potential of healing with Decompression therapy at any one period of time. Our recommendation is 32 treatments

  3.       Are there other plans available if I am not able to perform 32 treatments?  A.) Yes, other plans are available, but 32 or more treatments are what we consider optimal. Lesser treatments usually equal lesser results.

  4.       What if I am better, but still feel I want more treatments after the 32 or other package of treatments?  A.) At this point, if needed, we can work with you on a one on one basis.

  5.       Can I just try it for a few sessions and expect substantial results?  A.) Sorry, but much like braces on teeth (or remodeling a home), with decompression, consistency is key. It wouldn’t do much good to “try out” braces for a few days and expect to get a desired effect. Although many people start to feel a little pain relief after only a few treatments, true healing takes time. We have to start slow and easy and gradually increase weight and time.

  6.        Is this therapy effective and suitable for everyone?  A.) No. It is not for everyone, but for many that are eligible it often works when nothing else has.

  7.       Can I have decompression even though I had back / neck surgery?  A.) In almost all cases YES.

  8.         Can I have decompression even though I have arthritis?  A.) YES. In fact, most people with arthritis (in same region) feel better with treatments.  If the discs start to heal, often the spinal arthritis will slow its progression.

  9.         Can I have decompression even though I have had a spinal  injection?  A.) YES. We may want to wait for a few weeks after an injection to begin treatment, but every person and case is different.

More questions and answers:



  1.  Do I need an MRI? A.) In most cases, yes. MRI is often referred to as the “gold standard”.  An MRI helps us to know with more pin point accuracy which disc(s) need to be treated and how to treat them. The greater the accuracy and evaluation, often the better the outcomes. If you do not already have one, we can discuss your options. 

  2.  Do I need a referral?  A.) No, you do not need a referral.

  3. Can I use a reasonably current MRI?  A.) Often this will be sufficient.

  4. What is the success rate?  A.) This treatment has a high to very high success rate with people that are not only good candidates for treatment, but are also very serious and motivated to improve.  *Note: it is not just what is done in our clinic, it is also what you do or don’t do outside of the clinic.

  5. Does insurance cover this therapy?  A.) No, this therapy is not covered by insurance.  Also, we do not bill your insurance for this treatment.

  6.  Cost?  A.) Please see our many treatment option plans below.

  7. Do I pay upfront? A.) Yes. Full payment is due upfront and in full. We have seen better results when people are serious and motivated to stay with an entire program. When people pay upfront they are much more likely to stay with the program and in turn have better outcomes.

  8. Does your clinic offer financing? A.) Sorry, but unfortunately we are not set up to perform financing at this time.  However, we do accept most major credit cards.

  9. Are there other options besides a full course of 32 treatments if I have already been through a course of spinal decompression treatments?   A.) If this is the case, we can often work with you on a one on one basis.



  If you have any other questions or concerns, please call our office and ask for Karen Bretz (217) 728-8891 or like and contact us on Facebook.        She can answer most of your questions and if you desire, set up a time for you to have a free consultation with Dr. Bretz.

What conditions make me ineligible for this treatment?

1.) Pregnancy.

2.) Less than 6 months Post Spinal Surgery.         

3.) Cancer that has spread to the bones/spine or Metastatic Cancer in general.   

4.) Severe Osteoporosis (>45% bone loss/DEXA score)        

5.) Spondylolisthesis (Grade 3 or 4)        

6.) Compression Fracture within last 6 months (or Complications) (in region of treatment)

7.) Severe Peripheral Neuropathy

8.) Pathologic Aortic Aneurysm (>3.5)  (If high measurement in general, ask Vascular Surgeon)         

9.) Pelvic or Abdominal Cancer.

10.) Disc Space Infection.

11.) Artificial Disc.

12.) Morphine Pump

13.) Inguinal or Umbilical Hernia (that is less than 6 month post surgical or complications). 

14.) Peripheralization of Pain Upon Axial Elongation (traction causes radiating pain).

15.) Treatment causes Difficulty Breathing (lying on back with harness)

16.) Cauda Equina Syndrome (Signs and symptoms include low back pain, pain that radiates down the leg, numbness around the anus, and loss of bowel or bladder control)

17.) Current Infection in region being treated (such as pelvic or abdominal infection)

18.) Cognitive Dysfunction

19.) Prior Lumbar Fusion in specific region of desired treatment

20.) Pars Defect (for less than 12 months or complications)


32 treatments: Example. Weeks 1-3 : 3-5 treatments per week ,

Weeks 4-8 : 3 treatments per week, Final weeks: 2-3 treatments per week.


  1. 32 spinal decompression  treatments, with therapies, 2 cold packs, 3 supplements, total cost $3200 (Value $3972) (Our recommended package).

  2. 32 spinal decompression treatments, with therapies, 2 cold packs and 3 supplements plus a chiropractic adjustment at each visit  at a discounted price, total cost  $4320  (Value $5452)

  3. 24 spinal decompression treatments, with therapies, 2 cold packs, 2 bottles of supplements, total cost $2650 (value $3022)

  4. 24 spinal decompression treatments, with therapies, 2 bottles of supplements plus a chiropractic adjustment at each visit, total cost $3490 (value $4102)

  5. 12 spinal decompression treatments, with therapies,1 cold pack and 1 supplement, total cost $1450 (value $1541)

  6. 12 spinal decompression treatments, with therapies, 1 cold pack, 1 supplement, plus a chiropractic adjustment at each visit, total cost $1870 (value $2081)

*Note: Although we believe this to be a wonderful therapy program with a high success rate, as with most if not all therapies, no guarantees are expressed or implied.

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